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We have an application where people monitor accounts on social networks. They like, comment, follow - we check it. This project helps our Clients to get real activity on their profiles and build trusted brand.

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You get activity from HQ accounts. Profiles in our network are from the USA, Canada and Europe only. We exclude fake accounts from our community, so you will definitely like the quality.

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We do not use automated tools. Our Clients pay for their posts to be shown in our network.

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As a female blogger with small audience I constantly look for new ways to improve my engagement and attract new followers. IGComment definitely saves tons of time and energy and helps me to reach my goals by sparking conversations in my comments' section

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I stumbled upon IGComment when I worked on a project that held a giveaway. I desperately needed a tool to rock people and make them talk in comments. IGComment was a real savior! I managed to hold a giveaway and didn't loose new followers. Since then I've been using it all the time

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My work tightens up with social media so comments play a huge role in attracting new followers and keep high engagement. Every time I start a new project I always work with IGComment as it helps me to improve my results. It helps me to get to the top!